Good afternoon, Welcome to Lube-Spec

Lube-Spec Limited established in 1987 offers a wide range of Centralised Lubrication Services.
The success of Lube-Spec is driven by our core business of maintaining lubrication systems.


“Established by Michael Cherry with the concept of a Company that provides a complete service to the customer, throughout the life cycle of the goods or services it provides. This concept remains a focus in how the company operates today”

Lube-Spec focuses on the customer and their needs; the relentless pursuit of innovation progress and improvements to products is a vital part to how we provide a complete service. Representing many of the most established and reputable manufactures in our field we always look to deliver a solution for your requirements.

Services We Provide
tick Programmed Maintenance
tick System Repairs             
tick Lube-Sight (Telemetry)         
tick System Installations                 
tickParts Supplied      

Benefits of a Lubrication System

• Extending component service life.

• Reduce maintenance costs.

• Increase machine up time.

• Improve Health and Safety.

• Reduce environmental effects by minimising waste lubricant.