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We are a family run business based in Leicestershire and established in 1987 with the concept of a Company that provides a complete service to the customer throughout the life cycle of the goods or services it provides. This concept remains a focal point in how the company operates today.

Lube-Spec focuses on the customer and their needs; the relentless pursuit of innovation progress and product improvements is a vital part of how we provide a complete service. Representing many of the most established and reputable lubrication system manufacturers in our field, we always look to deliver a solution for your requirements. We offer a variety of Centralised Lubrication Services for a wide range of manufacturers/systems on both mobile and static equipment, including the following:

OEM installations also use the above manufacturers though the pump is re-badged with the make of the machine, IE CAT, Volvo, Komatsu or Liebherr etc. Please take the time to see if the pump is shown in the systems or the photo gallery.

Machinery within the construction industry operates in one of the hardest and harshest conditions. With companies requiring reliability and value from their equipment, getting the most from their bearings is key without incurring any unnecessary operating costs.

It’s not only the heavy loads and rough working conditions that apply pressure on modern construction machines and equipment; the users ever increasing demand for performance and cost-efficiency adds further to this pressure. Living up to these demands is a tough challenge for the world’s equipment manufacturers. With Lube-Spec representing many of the most established and reputable manufacturers in our field, this enables us to meet the requirements of the Construction Industries lubrication systems.

A centralised lubrication system is key in achieving peak performance from any operating equipment, whether this is a dump truck, Loader, mobile crusher or static industrial machinery.

As with all operating parts of construction equipment, a centralised lubrication system requires routine maintenance and should damage occur in operation, a speedy response is required to rectify any problem.

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Less maintenance, improved efficiency, and lower costs

In today’s demanding industrial environment, it is critical that machines generate an acceptable level of profit. Whether you are an owner, operator, or plant manager, one of the most cost-effective ways of achieving this objective is by employing the use of fully automatic lubrication systems.

The benefits

The benefits of automatic lubrication are clear: better greasing of critical components, no time wasted on manual lubrication and the certainty that the equipment will always be greased independently of weather conditions, time schedules or operators—all resulting in significant cost savings.

Reduced man-hours required to lubricate.

  • Improved availability of personnel for technical activities.
  • Reduced lubricant spillage that occurs with manual lubrication.

Higher equipment productivity

Reduced equipment downtime by ca. 15% resulting from:

  • Lubrication taking place during normal machine operation.
  • Better and uniform greasing of all critical components because bearings and pins, and bushings are in motion when lubrication takes place, resulting in less wear and tear of machinery.

Decreased maintenance

With manual lubrication, grease will follow the path of least resistance due to the fact that greasing has to take place under static conditions. So, the grease is not equally distributed around the lubrication point. Automatic greasing avoids this, as lubrication will take place during operation, reducing the wear of critical components.

Reduced replacement rate of components and bearings by up to 50%.

Decreased machine labour costs by ~ 50%..

Improved safety

  • No climbing on and around machinery or inaccessible areas.

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