Lube-Sight Telemetry is real-time monitoring for Centralised Lubrication Systems.
We analyse data gathered to make recommendations to our customers in order to avoid, eliminate or minimise the consequences of an unpredicted system failure.

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Lube-Sight Provides:
  • Data for analysis giving early warnings of potential system failures, this particular area adds significant value when Lube-Sight is combined with our On Site Preventative Maintenance Programs.
  • Real time alerts through the monitoring and detection of errors and alarms.
  • Data for analysis to ensure the system is operating within manufactures parameters.
  • Data on the grease/lubricant flow volume a system delivers.
Our Customers have 24/7 access to their data through Lube-Sight Online.
online_databaseLube-Sight Online our custom built real time cloud database, enabling a snap shot of any particular period in time to all the data that has been recorded from the first date of joining Lube-Sight.

Lube-Sight is compatible with Groeneveld – Lincoln – SKF/Vogel – Beka-Max – Interlube – Yamada.

Lube-Spec’s lubrication monitoring system Lube-Sight is available in two Packages.
Package A: 
Access to Lube-Sight online** – monitoring for Faults and Alarms providing the customer with real time information of their system operation, alerts and warnings along with data for analysis and reporting giving a complete system overview with trends.

Package B:
Access to Lube-Sight online** –
 Monitors for Faults / Alarms.
* System enhancements may be required to enable certain alerts or data analysis.

 Lube-Sight Packages

Lube-Sight online access
System operatingticktick
System alertsticktick
System grease levelticktick
Grease Temperaturetick
System Operating Pressuretick
System run cycles tick
System proximity pulsestick
Grease flow (cc)tick
System override & temper monitoringtick
System alert downtime tick