Lube-Sight™ is real-time monitoring for Centralised Lubrication Systems.

Lube-Sight™ is a system developed by Lube-Spec to monitor and alert if a problem has arisen regarding the grease flow of a Lubrication system.

We analyse data gathered to help our customers avoid, eliminate, or minimise the consequences of an unpredicted system failure. For existing systems, system enhancements may be required to enable certain alerts or data analysis. A survey would be required to make sure Lube-Sight™ would be compatible for and to check network coverage of the area.

Lube-Sight™ Basic Provides:

  • Real-time alerts through the monitoring and detection of errors and alarms via beacons and audio (if required) warnings.
  • Data on the grease/lubricant flow volume a system delivers.

Lube-Sight™ Telemetry Provides:

  • Lube-Sight™ Basic +
  • Email notification of an alert.
  • Data for analysis giving early warnings of potential system failures, this particular area adds significant value when Lube-Sight is combined with our On-Site PMP (Preventative Maintenance Programs).