Centralised Lubrication System Maintenance

Lubrication is one of the most important yet unappreciated aspects of a maintenance strategy. Lube-Spec offers Services and Maintenance on the following:

Maintaining your lubrication system ensures peak performance, reduces machine downtime, extends the life of your equipment, and improves safety.

Our depth of knowledge and experience gained maintaining lubrication systems on construction machinery with their wide variety of applications has provided a platform for Lube-Spec to offer a unique service in the area of system care and routine preventative maintenance.

Preventative Maintenance

To begin a discussion on preventative maintenance of any machine or component, we should first define preventative maintenance. A suitable definition is this “maintenance that can be performed economically to prevent equipment breakdowns before they occur, moving the greater portion of maintenance work to a planned basis” this is tailored to the operating conditions and machine usage.
“Prevention is better than a cure”.

The Service

We determine the necessary repair work before damage occurs. With regard to the manufacturer and system type, we replace pump units and filters, download CPU data and carry out full system checks and pipework inspections. With every Service/Inspection, you are provided with documentation/reports for your records.


  • We take all necessary measures for the preservation of your system in terms of normal wear.
  • We carry out regular and individual machine assessments with regard to the PMP (Preventative Maintenance Program).
  • We service and maintain a range of lubrication system manufacturers.
  • We carry out site assessments and then report on all lubrication systems on-site.
  • In maintaining your lubrication system, you have peace of mind that your equipment is being lubricated during its operation.
  • A written contract is not a requirement for a PMP (Preventative Maintenance Program).